GICF Show Listings: Friday 17th March 2023

The first Friday of the festival and it is jam-packed.

Here are your day three listings.

The Good, The Bad, The IrishThe Griffin17:00
Kiri Pritchard-Mclean: Work In ProgressThe Old Hairdresser’s17:30
Backbone Comedy Presents….The Griffin18:45
Michael Welch – Ethnic Reveal Party (WIP)Van Winkle West End19:00
Best of the Glesga FestRoom 219:00
Tarot: (WIP)The Old Hairdresser’s19:00
Craig Hill: I Always Knew I Had It In Me!Oran Mor19:30
Stewart Lee: Basic Lee – SOLD OUTKing’s Theatre19:30
Here YousBlackfriars19:30
Sad Girls ClubThe Venue, Strathclyde University Union19:30
Crip the Light FantasticGilchrist Postgraduate Club19:30
Tickbox – SOLD OUTWebsters – Play room19:30
Glee: Friday Night ComedyGlee Club19:45
Dragged Tae Work fae 9-5Britannia Panopticon20:00
Shiitake Nights Big Birthday BonanzaThe Rum Shack20:00
Luke Osey: Drunk MagicMax’s Basement20:00
Comadaidh Agus Ceilidh Gu Leòr!Websters Theatre20:00
St Patrick’s Day SpecialStand Comedy Club20:30
Liam Farrelly: Work in Progress – SOLD OUTVan Winkle West End20:30
Kiri Pritchard-Mclean: Work In Progress – SOLD OUTThe Old Hairdresser’s20:30
Pete Carson & Cobin Millage: Cobin Punches Pete in the FaceMcChuills22:00
Wrong Comedy with Bob Walshy Walsh and PalsThe Griffin22:00
Acid with JesusBasement @ Tennent’s Bar22:00
GICF Afters with Naked MaltSlay22:30

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