Pete Carson & Cobin Millage: Cobin Punches Pete Right in the Face

Van Winkle West End,McChuills

A brand new show presented by two of Scotland’s finest young comics. Bringing two incredibly different performance styles, Pete Carson and Cobin Millage present their UK Festival debut in an exciting hour of stand-up that’s sure to please comedy fans, as well as fans of punches in the face.

“Pete is an incredibly likeable force. His sharp-witted honesty about life is admirable, relatable, heartwarming and always a pleasure to watch. His comedy is hilarious while also letting you see what’s really on his mind. He’s a well respected comic in the Scottish circuit, and a charming, loveable man. It’s a shame that I’ve already decided to punch him right in the face.”
– Cobin Millage

“Cobin is different. I honestly have no idea how he comes up with some of his ideas. He’s obsessed with offbeat topics, and he’ll turn things you’ve never heard about into incredibly engaging and funny comedy. On a personal level, I know next to nothing about him, but he’s always a lot of fun, and his performances are starting to turn heads across the country. I’m still not certain about why he’s going to punch me in the face, though. I don’t know why I agreed to this.”
– Pete Carson


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