Acid with Jesus

The world is divided! Whether it’s climate change, religion, immigration, gender or sexuality, an us versus them mentality is prevalent throughout. My show highlights the misunderstandings and faulty logic behind these issues and mocks them relentlessly.

This show talks about climate change, in regards to silly and funny observations mixed in with information. This show alongside having many jokes and silly observations, has various small messages throughout the show, practical recommendations and an overall message of encouraging togetherness and reducing the us and them mentality- prevalent in our society today. It has original content taken from personal experiences, incorporates props and has a powerful and poignant message which is aimed at everyone.

To my knowledge no other show highlights the prevalence of these prejudices in modern society whilst simultaneously being officially endorsed by Jesus! Through my comedic observations audiences are left with an overwhelming feeling that we have more in common than we do dividing us even if those things are our shared prejudices.


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