GICF Show Listings: Thursday 30th March 2023

The last Thursday of the festival. Make it a good one.

Here are your day 16 listings.

It’s a Boy?Basement @ Tennent’s Bar18:00
Eleanor Morton WIPDrygate Event Space18:00
Clay Horwitz: Vibe Check!Max’s Basement19:00
Viggo Venn: Club ComedianBlackfriars19:00
Chris Weir: Pot Noodle at the Sex Sauna (WIP)Van Winkle West End19:00
ARTWebsters – Play room19:30
Mark Grimshaw: Hit Me With Your AutisticGilchrist Postgraduate Club19:30
Paul Riley: Auld Before My Time – SOLD OUTOran Mor20:00
Yer Da Wants A WordThe Old Hairdresser’s20:00
Telling TalesDram20:00
Drag Queen Power BalladsRoom 220:00
Far EastEndersBasement @ Tennent’s Bar20:00
Observing: Feat. Brian and MarkThe Griffin20:15
Bona Fide – GICF SpecialStand Comedy Club20:25
Amelia Bayler: Singing Lessons – SOLD OUTVan Winkle West End20:30
Julia Masli: CHOOSH!Blackfriars20:30
William Thompson: The Hand You’re Dealt – SOLD OUTVan Winkle West End22:00
Wrong Comedy with Bob WalshThe Griffin22:00

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