Mark Grimshaw: Hit Me With Your Autistic

Gilchrist Postgraduate Club

Hit Me With Your Autistic is the debut stand-up show from award-winning autistic comedian Mark Grimshaw, a “sure crowd-pleaser” (Chortle) with a “wickedly subversive” “very dark sense of humour” (Harrogate Advertiser). The Great Yorkshire Fringe New Comedian of The Year 2018 brings his “topical, insightful and just plain funny” (York Press) show to the Glasgow Comedy Festival. It’s a show about autism, unless that doesn’t seem interesting to you, in which case it’s a show filled with “jokes [that] come thick and fast” (Neurodiverse Review) about things that are not autism.

Hit Me With Your Autistic was nominated for the Autistic Excellence Award at the Neurodiverse Review Awards during the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe, and Mark’s stand-up has had millions of views on TikTok (which isn’t really that impressive since an algorithm is responsible for that rather than actual talent, but PR people insist this is something worth mentioning in promotional material anyway, so here we are). As seen on and StephenTries, as heard on BBC Radio Newcastle.


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