GICF Show Listings: Sunday 2nd April 2023

“And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I’ll say it clear
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain
I’ve lived a life that’s full
I travelled each and every highway
And more, much more than this
I did it my way”

Here are your day 19 listings.

Eggs On Legs by Garlic TheatreScottish Mask & Puppet Centre11:00
An afternoon with Rosie Kane McGarveyThe Griffin13:00
BigIMAX – Glasgow Science Centre13:00
Gary Dunn presents ‘Jokes & Tricks’!Stand Comedy Club14:00
Sunday Afternoon Comedy – SOLD OUTSloans14:00
Eggs On Legs by Garlic TheatreScottish Mask & Puppet Centre14:00
Harun Musho’d: Why I Don’t Talk To People About TerrorismVan Winkle West End14:30
Glasgow International Comedy Festival Closing GalaKing’s Theatre15:00
Backbone Comedy Presents….The Griffin15:00
GhostbustersIMAX – Glasgow Science Centre15:45
Derek Johnston: A horrifying glimpse into the mind of an adult. PT.3.Van Winkle West End16:20
Robin Grainger: Robin TimeStand Comedy Club17:00
James Gardner: Gardner’s WorldMcChuills17:00
Dion OwenThe Griffin17:00
Alex Camp Writes A Song With YouVan Winkle West End17:30
It’s a Boy?Basement @ Tennent’s Bar18:00
Eddy MacKenzie: Music A’PlentyThe Old Hairdresser’s18:00
Craig Wilson: Comedy NinjaVan Winkle West End18:45
Rory Mullen: Faces Of GlasgowThe Griffin18:45
Chris Thorburn: (WIP)The Old Hairdresser’s18:45
The Blues BrothersIMAX – Glasgow Science Centre18:45
Elaine Malcolmson: CommissionedMcChuills19:00
My Kind of MusicalRoom 219:00
Stuart Mitchell: Testing Testing – SOLD OUTBlackfriars19:00
RICH HALL: Shot From CannonsThe Garage19:30
Fearghas Kelly: Tip of the Ice-Fearg (WIP)The Old Hairdresser’s19:30
David Kay: 106%Stand Comedy Club20:00
Nick Mohammed: The Very Best & Worst of Mr SwallowTramway20:00
Phil Wang: Wang In There, Baby!King’s Theatre20:00
Wholesome Prison Blues 2023Vibe Room20:00
Alan Bissett: Moira In LockdownOran Mor20:00
Observing: Feat. Brian & MarkThe Griffin20:15
Propranololz 2: The Sertraline DreamVan Winkle West End20:30
Richard Brown: Everything was forever until it was no moreThe Old Hairdresser’s21:00
Jay Lynch: Ag Obair an TobairThe Old Hairdresser’s21:45
Wrong Comedy with Bob WalshThe Griffin22:00

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