GICF Show Listings: Sunday 19th March 2023

Sundays have got a whole lot more fun with this line-up.

Here are your day five listings.

The Gingerbread ManScottish Mask & Puppet Centre11:00
It Just So Happened: An Alternative History ShowThe Griffin13:00
BigIMAX – Glasgow Science Centre13:00
Save The Planet! Kids ShowStand Comedy Club14:00
The Gingerbread ManScottish Mask & Puppet Centre14:00
Backbone Comedy Presents….The Griffin15:00
GhostbustersIMAX – Glasgow Science Centre15:45
Paul F Taylor: Head In The CloudsVan Winkle West End16:00
Celya AB has a bit of fun (is that such a crime?)The Old Hairdresser’s16:00
Connor Burns: Live, Laugh, Loathe – SOLD OUTStand Comedy Club16:30
Richard Pulsford: Short joke tellerMcChuills17:00
Dion OwenThe Griffin17:00
Kieran Hodgson: Big In Scotland (WIP) – SOLD OUTThe Old Hairdresser’s17:30
Liam Farrelly: God’s Brother in LawStand Comedy Club18:30
Ferris Bueller’s Day OffIMAX – Glasgow Science Centre18:45
Chris Lynott: Comedy AutobahnMcChuills19:00
Ian TC: Bad in BedVan Winkle West End19:00
Stephen Catling – Beehavioural Problems: Something Something Autism.The Griffin19:00
Drag Race Quiz PartyMax’s Basement19:00
Tessa Coates: Get Your Tessa Coates You’ve PulledThe Old Hairdresser’s19:00
Stuart Mitchell: Testing Testing – SOLD OUTBlackfriars19:00
Ladies of LaughterGlee Club Glasgow19:00
The Duncan and Judy Murray Show – Mother’s Day SpecialKing’s Theatre19:30
Jesus L’Oreal: Nailed itOran Mor19:30
Ross and Sean: The Good & The EvilVibe Room20:00
Kai Humphries: Mischief!Stand Comedy Club20:30
Jake Baker: Caring Is Creepy (WIP)Van Winkle West End20:30
Max & Ivan: Work In ProgressThe Old Hairdresser’s20:30
The Wee Man’s Comedian Rap BattlesMcChuills21:00
Wrong Comedy with Bob Walshy Walsh and PalsThe Griffin22:00

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