Stephen Catling: Beehavioural Problems: Something Something Autism.

The Griffin

Keep It Fringe award winner returns to GICF with his smash hit alternative comedy show exploring autism through animals. How can one be oneself? if you are not allowed to bee yourself? Stephen explores his experience as an autistic working in the NHS and droning about other roles whilst also doing animal-themed routines (Warning the show does not feature as many bees as the title implies; this is not a show on bees).

☆☆☆☆☆ The Crumb
☆☆☆☆London theatre 1
☆☆☆☆ Neurodiverse review
“Catling dares to do what many autistic individuals are taught to avoid at all costs in front of neurotypicals: fully unmask.” Playbill

Winner: Keep it Fringe award
Shortlisted : Malcolm Hardee Award for comic originality, Actually autistic excellence award & BBC New Comedy Award Shortlisted
Recommended by the British Comedy Guide 2023
Finalist: Stand-Up for Cider & Stand-up Nights


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