GICF Show Listings: Wednesday 22nd March 2023

We are into the second week of the festival. How many shows have you seen so far?

Here are your day eight listings.

Sinead Walsh: Big FootMcChuills18:00
Marjolein Robertson: Thank God Fish Don’t Have Hands – SOLD OUTStand Comedy Club19:00
Tadiwa Mahlunge: 25Gilchrist Postgraduate Club19:00
Adam Flood: Clayhead RemouldedVan Winkle West End19:00
Best of the Glesga FestMax’s Basement19:30
Trigger WarningsMcChuills20:00
Jester’s Comedy: Open MicJimmy’s at Park Bar20:00
PROGRANIMATEThe Old Hairdresser’s20:00
Suchandrika Chakrabarti: Doomscrolling (WIP)Van Winkle West End20:15
Nancy Clench: If Your Symptoms Aren’t Life Threatening, Please Hold!Room 220:30
Stuart McPherson: The Peesh – SOLD OUTStand Comedy Club21:00

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