Mark Cooper Talks About Glasgow

Taking a trip on the Edinburgh to Glasgow train may not immediately strike you as an illustration of the comedic scene difference between the two cities but stick with it.  If passengers are cutting it fine to get the train from Edinburgh it can seem longer to get through the barriers, whereas at Glasgow Queen Street, you get a fighting chance to get on the train. In both situations you may still miss it.  

To me this is the difference between the comedy festivals in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Whilst every comic has access to the same platform, in Edinburgh to get on the comedic train acts face bigger challenges to get noticed or get that bit of luck.  

In Glasgow, it seems that the comedic scene is trying to help comics because its smaller and even a journey in a taxi to your gig can give you a wide variety of material, whereas in Edinburgh, a similar taxi journey, your set would just be about potholes or trams. 

Why do I think this?  I am an Edinburgh based wheelchair user and whilst Edinburgh does have support for comics finding their way in the industry, the clubs where the support is are often not accessible due to stairs oddly. They do have disabled toilets, so my aim has to be fantastic. 

In Glasgow there are still the access issues but the whole city seems to be wanting you to succeed. In Edinburgh this is true, but it feels tired and there not as much buzz as Glasgow. 

I got involved in comedy because I love making people laugh, it’s a space where I can relax. It’s a form of escapism for both me and the audience.   

My show is called Crip the Light Fantastic. I’m performing with two friends – both excellent comedians Yvonne Hughes and Elliott Simpson. Each of us has a disability but that is the only common theme that unites us.  Our sets may talk about our conditions, but they will cover a whole range of things. You never know what will come up.   

So, on the 22nd of March come along at 7pm to the Gilchrist Postgraduate Club to have some fun. 

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