Crip the light fantastic

Gilchrist Postgraduate Club

We are back for 2024! After a successful debut at the Glasgow Comedy Festival in 2023, experienced comedians Eliott Simpson, Yvonne Hughes and Mark Cooper are ready to hit the dance-floor once again.

Join this trio of troopers, who each live with a disability, as they regale you with their unique perspectives and experiences of life, love and the light fantastic. It will be as colourful as a disco ball….and Eliott’s suits.


. Mark Cooper – “[his] inspired set shows the craft of disabled comedians, the way Cooper uses his stammer to create tension, set-up and punchlines could never be achieved by a non-disabled stand-up” (Neurodiverse Review)

. Eliott Simpson – ”Offbeat, wacky and unpredictable” (The Wee Review) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐

. Yvonne Hughes – “Great frequent punchlines that keep audiences laughing” (The Stand)


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