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Wednesday 15 March – Sunday 2 April 2023

We return in 2023 for more hilarity and frolics in March, and let’s be honest, we could all do with a laugh now more than ever. Get in and about the fun and find out here how to be part of it all.


Show registrations for brochure inclusion – now closed

Friday 16th December: Final deadline for show registrations


Get registered here.

If you want to chat to someone at our end: or call us on 0141 260 0500


Our acts are what it’s all about, so we’re delighted you’re thinking of joining us. There are a few ways in which putting on events can work. 

  • Hire a venue and produce the show yourself

In this instance you, the act, will be the promoter, this means it is your responsibility to ensure the venue has the right set up for your show. We highly recommend you visit the venue, preferably to see a show. This way you can decide if you are happy with the lights, sound and general set up of the room yourself. You may wish to adjust the capacity for your night for example. It is important to meet with the managers and technicians so you, the promoter can discuss and advise them on how you want to produce your show. 

  • Find a venue who will co-promote the show with you

This option means you and the venue share any production and marketing costs in return for a share of the box office. This means your costs are less, and the risk of losing out financially in the event of low sales is far less. In this case it is best to have a written agreement with the venue in advance of tickets going on sale. This should state what costs are involved and what the split of any profit will be. Make sure you know what you are getting from the venue in return for their share of the box office. Deals vary, but for instance, a fairly standard deal would be a box office split – with the larger percentage in the the artist’s favour – of any surplus after production costs have been paid for. With a co-promotion the registration fee should be treated as a cost and taken off before the split so that both parties pay a share. Again, although the venue may be helping you to promote the show, be sure to pop in to see the venue and ensure you are happy with the set up.

  • Find a promoter who has a venue and will produce your show.

In this instance, the deal works one of three ways:

1. The promoter pays you an agreed flat fee for your performance.

2. A split of the box office between you and the promoter. The promoter’s percentage pays for all venue costs but not usually for promotion or publicity. The deals do vary so it’s worth asking around.

3. A minimum guarantee with an agreement to split the surplus should the show do well. This is really a mixture of the first two approaches. Again, deals vary so shop around. Again, this must be agreed in advance to avoid issues. In this case the promoter is the person liable for the registration fee and for setting up the event with us.

You can have a look through festival venues that are open to potential events on Eventotron or get in touch on or 0141 260 0500 to chat through some options. While GICF can’t get involved in individual event deals or negotiations, we’re always happy to help and support.


Show registrations will open at noon on Wednesday 28th September so if you have a show ready to go, here’s what you need to know!

You will need the following before you start setting up –

  • Your venue to be registered with Glasgow International Comedy Festival. If it isn’t, direct them to the information for venues above or tell them to get in touch with us at or on 0141 260 0500.
  • A See Tickets account. See Tickets provide the central ticketing for GICF and you will need to allocate tickets from your show to be sold through the festival box office. You can set up an account here.
  • Clear, good quality images for your event. Ideally, one square image of at least 400 x 400px; one hi-res portrait image of at least 450px x 300px and one hi-res landscape image of at least 300px x 450px. This means we can use the image for all marketing tools.
  • An Eventotron login. You will set your event up on Eventotron and then join it to your venue and to GICF. Here’s a handy ‘How To Register An Event’ guide and you can get set up here.


No worries! Get in touch if you need any help or other information. About registering comedy events in GICF, that is – we’re not much use for bus times or weather forecasts.


It is so important to us all at GICF that the festival is affordable and accessible. Registration fees are kept as low as possible and are calculated on venue capacity and at two levels – Web & Brochure Listing or Web Only Listing. These are set by capacity and payment will be taken as part of the event registration process on Eventotron.

Registration fees are requested automatically when you finalise your registration and are paid via debit or credit card (prices inc. payment processing fees). You will not be able to finalise your registration until payment has been made.


Our venues are central to making the festival a celebration of comedy worthy of the funniest city in the world and to delivering the amazing hospitality that Glasgow is famous for.

To become a registered Glasgow International Comedy Festival venue, please visit Eventotron, sign up and add your venue details then select ‘Join A Festival’ and choose GICF where it will be sent to us for approval. If your venue has never been part of the festival before, we will need to do a few basic checks to make sure the venue can offer both acts and audience a positive experience during GICF.

Please give as much information about your venue as you can. This information will appear on the Glasgow International Comedy Festival website so information about accessibility, for example, is key. Acts and events looking for venues can see GICF venues on Eventotron so it’s also useful to think of it as a shop window for the venue.

The lovely folk at Eventotron have a great guide for venues and we’re here to help with any issues at all – just drop us a line at or give us a ring on 0141 260 0500.


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