Glasgow Comedy Festival


Fair Pley Productions
The Lions of Lisbon

Thursday 16 March
Friday 17 March
Saturday 18 March 7.30pm


A Play of Two Halves by Ian Auld & Willy Maley.

A rehearsed reading with live music.

Directed by Martin McCardie.

Get ready to roar. 2017 is the golden anniversary of the finest silver ever lifted. If you know the history… don’t just remember it, relive it…

In May 1967, 10,000 of the greatest supporters in the world embarked on the most important crusade since the quest for the Holy Grail. They hailed from Scotland, Ireland, and every corner of the globe. Most were Celtic daft. Some were just plain daft. All of them would have followed the Magnificent Eleven to the ends of the earth; 2,000 miles was a dawdle.