Glasgow Comedy Festival


Janey Godley
There's Only One Godley

Oran Mor
Friday 24 March
Saturday 25 March 7:30pm


Being the most famous Glasgow person to welcome Donald Trump to Scotland, Janey takes her ambassadorial role seriously.

Podcaster, broadcaster, writer, comedian and all round Scottish gab a minute. Come hear Janey’s tales of what happens when she simply 'gets out of the hoose'.

'The Glasgow Comedy Queen' List

'Compelling... ballsy... a breath of fresh air' Guardian

'The most outspoken female stand-up in Britain' Daily Telegraph

'The greatest British improviser of her generation'

'Some of the sharpest-elbowed comedy in the world' New York Times

'Scotland's funniest woman... the Godmother of Scottish Comedy' Scotsman

'her strength in shouty, strong humour comes to the fore. Janey Godley is Scottish comedy personified: sweary, passionate and really funny' List