Will Owen (WIP)

Riding Room

After winning Britain’s Got Talent when he played it with his cousins aged nine, fame couldn’t come soon enough for Will Owen. Like, seriously, when is it going to come? Can we find out if it’s even en route or??

Tired of waiting to make their dreams a reality, Will has decided to take matters into their own hands and write a show about who we all are (royal we). In a bid to win their place in the hearts of the Great British Public, join the WINNER of Leicester Square New Comedian for an hour of stand-up comedy that asks: ‘would you vote for me on Strictly?’

Finally, a show that has something for EVERYONE with a pre-existing interest in its specific topics and themes.

2Northdown Finalist; Bath New Comedian Third Place; BBC New Comedy Nominee

‘More than enough withering attitude to stand out’ Chortle


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