What Are They Doing?

Tennent's Laughter Lounge @ Tennent's Bar

WHAT ARE THEY DOING? THEY HAVE NO IDEA! Just two awkward, yet completely lacking a filter, 20ish-somethingsorwhatever, trying their best out here. Expect honesty to the point it’s weird and uncomfortable truths, but in a funny and relatable way. You know?

Stuff said about Sabina:
‘She was absolutely terrified… but she turned out incredible. The audience loved her… and her material was funny.’ – The Stand
‘Great start, good confidence, good mic skills.’ – The Stand as well.

Stuff said about Rosie:
‘Having seen [them perform] a number of times, there’s definitely something, but I’m not sure I could put my finger on it.’ – Zoe Harding.
‘You’re a legend! You’re a legend! Sorry I laughed so much!’ – Amelia Bayler.


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