Weirdly Wholesome Tiia: WORDS – Workshop

The Old Hairdresser's

Join Weirdly Wholesome Tiia on their process for creating their new solo piece “Words”.

During the 75 minute workshop we will discuss favourite words, what words make us laugh and why, and how the way we speak and choose our words construct our identity.

Workshop also includes exercises in writing and some moving about, so bring your notebooks, and comfortable clothing to move about.

This is a relaxed workshop, you may participate the way you feel the most comfortable.

The workshop is facilitated by Anna Tiia Sorjonen, aka Weirdly Wholesome Tiia.

Tiia has worked with communities in Finland and Scotland, leading drama, improv and theatre workshops and is currently creating their new solo show “WORDS” with the help of the general public, by facilitating workshops and conducting polls on the streets of Glasgow.


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