Toon Titans


Bungalaff Comedy & Backbone are proud to present ‘Toon Titans’ at McChuilll’s for GICF 2024.

Richie & Jimi have spent the last few years working closely together at their home clubs in Paisley & Knightswood, as well as the legendary Calabash and several Edinburgh Fringe & previous GICF shows in between.

Now, for GICF 2024, they present “Toon Titans”, their first Split Bill show where they can expand on their shorter club routines and delight an audience with storytelling, jokes and witty asides.

Both Richie & Jimi will be performing their longest sets to date, with new material and expansion on the routines they are known for. Both are incredibly excited to debit this show in March, and can’t wait to welcome you!


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