Thom Bee: Psychocinematic

Psychocinematic is a thinly veiled attempt for Thom to come to terms with his own volatile mental health and BPD. It smushes stand-up with a lifelong fixation on horror, yielding uplifting results that will make you howl with laughter, fondly cringe at the 00s, and slightly worry about Thom’s well-being. We’ll tip-toe into Thom’s psyche to discuss our predilection for turning to the comfort of the silver screen, only to find comfort in peril – like Indiana Jones running from a boulder of his insecurites.

A must-see for anyone who read way too into movies and themselves, so all of us…right?

‘Arguably the voice of a generation, just not in a revolutionary way, more in a “Actually, maybe I should go to therapy” way.’ – Blizzard Comedy


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