The Word of Breda

Max's Basement

Join sapphic storyteller Breda Larkin in this hilarious and thought-provoking exploration of her life through the triple lenses of sexuality, religion and… facial hair. 
Having discovered upon entering primary school that she was in fact A GIRL, it wasn’t long before Breda had to contend with the stifling limitations of pinafores, first communion dresses and knitting!
From there it was an uphill struggle against the forces of heteronormativity, patriarchal society… and loofahs! 
Flicking her baked beans across the dinner table in a tactful attempt to come out to her parents, Breda had found her calling in life, and it had nothing to do with becoming a bride of Christ.
Follow Breda as she journeys from ‘getting the shift’ with the local lads for ‘snickers ice-cream’ to breaking the hearts of her imaginary lesbian camogie team by falling in love with a real live girl and becoming a fully-fledged dickie-bow aficionado.


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