The Fever Dream Comedy Society

Drygate Peaks Bar

The Fever Dream Comedy Society is an experimental comedy collective whose sole mission is to serve you – yes you, personally – a big mug, full to the brim with only the milkiest alternative-comedy cream- yum yum yum!

Part stand-up compilation, part interactive multimedia art installation with previous performers such as Marjolein Robertson, Keiran Hodgson, Simon Munnery and Alison Spittle, each show is built conceptually from the ground up and revolves around an entirely unique theme, such as ‘haunted bird sanctuary’, ‘tiny ghost train’ and ‘what would happen if a comedy show were set in the far reaches of the cosmos and were regularly interrupted by an inept demigod workshopping his best one liners?’. You know – the classics.

Grab a ticket today and we personally guarantee that nothing will ever hurt again and everything will be wonderful forever, probably. You also get to see some cool comedy.


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