The Dandy Daniels (WIP)

Nice N' Sleazy

This is a tale of friendships lost, and learning to live with a present that isn’t as rosy as the past.
It’s also the story of a barbershop singer who was kicked out of his quartet for stage-diving.

The Dandy Daniels were the best quartet in the biz, but when lead singer, Jimminy D McSeventh is ousted for his over-ambition and bullish ways, he has to look elsewhere for barbershop fulfilment.

Brand new character comedy from Tom Whiston (★★★★ “Twisted humour, smart and ludicrous.” – Gutter Culture ★★★★; “Hilarious” – Fourthwallmedia; “This is what the Fringe is all about!” – SeeDoEat Review)


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