Stand Up Sit Down


Stand Up Sit Down is a compilation show from comics Tez Baker and Rose Wilde. Tez is the one on wheels. They both met at a mental health group Fool On and completed a comedy course with Raymond Mearns in April2023. Both with only under a year on the circuit, but they have done so much in such a short space of time. Some fantastic stories some would definitely make your hair curl, and a few eye openers from Rose you have been warned
Our fabulous host is Jonathan Soutar – Findlay aka The Neurodivergent Daftie Who has been entertaining us all with his comedy the past few years.. You will follow him through the show with hilarios antics. He will take you on an energetic journey of fun and laughter.
Next up we have the amazing Jimi Longmuir he is the most experienced of the comics and is well known and travelled throughout the comedy circuit. His down to earth humour will have you laughing and totally relating to the content enioy.
Last but by no means least we have the incredible Ray Kohli. Who has been quietly making his mark on the circuit the past few years. A gent of a guy, who will confidently lead you through some of his life experiences. Ray has been compared to the brown diesel.


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