Single as F@ck!

Max's Basement

“A fast and furious up and comer, Lindsay McKenzie is what Scottish comedy has been waiting for”. Billy Kirkwood

One is recently divorced and is now available online… One got divorced ages ago and oh, she’s still bitter! One is recently single, yet strangely happy. And one has always been bastard single and is pissed aboot it! But one things for sure, they are… Single as F@ck!

Join some of the freshest talent on Scotlands comedy scene Lindsay McKenzie (BBC Raven: The Island), Zee Sadiq (Scottish-Pakistani diabetic), Mhairi Kinnaird (self confessed Pedro Pascal lover) and Michael Robb (Mr. Bean fetishist) as they all share the good, the bad and the downright horny of being Single as F@ck!

An upbeat and raunchy show that will have you laughing at antics you will simply not believe are true… until you hear them told by this 4!


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