RJ Hunter: Stupid Sexy Poem Show

Riding Room

This is a poetry show…But not as you know them. RJ Hunter takes you on a stupid, sexy, poetic journey through their life as a trans, queer word-jester. Discussing transness, masculinity, femininity, relationships to others and herself and the beauty of the utterly stupid and pointless, award-winning spoken-word artist RJ Hunter is ready to give you a big fat smattering of their signature stupid, sexy poem style in this spoken-word-comedy-cabaret!

‘Stupid Sexy Poem Show’ is the debut hour from RJ Hunter, award-winning spoken-word artist. Expect hilarity, heartache and hubris in this poetry show like no other. Loud Poets Grand Slam Champion 2023.

‘Hunter pens with such a creative and ingenious scope’ – **** Theatre Scotland (Praise for previous work)


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