Richard Cobb: Couple’s Massage

Van Winkle West End

In October 2022, Richard was on honeymoon in Cuba. The weather was fabulous, the all-inclusive drinks were flowing and the food was…fine. He was having a lovely time with his lovely wife. Then he went for a massage and got distracted for an hour and all hell broke loose in his mind.

The debut hour from Scottish comedian & writer Richard Cobb. It’s basically about love, nostalgia, guilt, distractions, family holidays, near-death experiences and pugs. Oh and it’s got a happy ending.

“I’ve been going to the Fringe for 25 years or so and genuinely this is the most impressive full Fringe debut I’ve seen from a stand up” Edinburgh Fringe audience feedback.

“He has an easy affable charm.” Lancaster Guardian.

“Richard is an engaging storyteller and has excellent presence and stage authority.”


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