Van Winkle West End

Recover tells the stories of two men on their own comeback trails.
Dan Ward left his heart in a Newcastle hospital, and came out with a new one. In the right hands, tales of recovery from illness can inspire you, or move you to tears. Doesn’t sound that funny though, does it? Fortunately, Dan’s hands are not the right hands. Come see this clumsy-handed man prove that daft people get sick too, and life after death can be as stupid as what came before.
For 10 years when Irishman, Keith Millar was told to bet in play now, he bet in play now. A compulsive gambler by his mid 20’s, he was more broke lad and less Ladbrokes. This Paddy has had the power to start again. Keith decided that when the fun stopped, he’d go and make his own fun. Come see Dan and Keith, Recover.


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