Phil O’Shea: An Owl and Friends (Work in Progress)

Drygate Peaks Bar

An absurd show in which a series of characters try to understand this strange world they are living in. An Owl, a singer and some sort of bread, based detective wander in and out of this twilight world of clowning inside the mind of Phil O’Shea. ‘utter, delicious nonsense’ Fest
Do you like your comedy surprising, stupid, heartfelt and owl themed? Would you like a bit where the one on the stage falls over and another bit where they go on about goats or cod liver oil or something, and where they’ve made a version of their dream vision out of cardboard, and they’ve got a nice costume and everything and they are putting work into getting the voices right?
If you’ve answered yes to some or all of these questions, this is is THE show for you!


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