Pete Carson Deports Cobin Millage Out Of This F**king Country Forever

Van Winkle West End

After a 2023 GICF show where Pete Carson was repeatedly punched in the face by Cobin Millage, and a successful Edinburgh Fringe run where nobody got punched, the dynamic duo return in 2024 to GICF with their dynamic more broken than ever.

Pete has had enough of Cobin’s Canadian antics, and is here to tell jokes, sing songs, take fat rips of his vape indoors and deport Cobin Millage out of the UK once and for all. For his part, Cobin is here to tell jokes, and try his best not to be deported.

Hopefully the enduring power of friendship and laughter will overcome that awkward process of getting your mate deported because he wouldn’t share his chips after the pub that one time.

(Note: Cobin may be deported before this event happens, so be prepared to for his absence, just in case.)


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