Never Seen A’Four

The Admiral Woods

Never Seen A’ Four is your chance to see some of Glasgow’s freshest comedians as they hit the stage to share epic tales of joy, woe, and a wee man called Agamemnon.

Hosted by the sensational Chris Dinwoodie, this is a night not to be missed, leaving you howling with laughter and questioning “did that really just happen?”.

Meet the Four:

Tony Donaghy, a heavily tattooed ex-addict trying out comedy in his 40s – how original. A true stand out in stand up for his crazy stories and big heart. Get dragged along for this wild ride, and love every minute.

Will Wilson, he thought Nottingham was mad until he moved to the thriving metropolis of Shettleston. You may wince, you may cringe, but you’re guaranteed to lose it as Will recounts his most gruesome tales.

Jaki Logan, from the scheme to living the dream. The tallest shortie you’ve ever seen, Jaki’s quick wit and gangly bits will leave you reaching for the tissues, through tears of laughter.

Katie Powell, your friendly guide through the quirky corridors of her mind. An artist in a corporate world, join her on a journey to dismantle this capitalist hellscape with laughter, one punchline at a time.

This show has something for everyone and everyone in between!


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