Natalie Bryce: Galumpher


Galumpher (noun) – a person that leaps or moves heavily or clumsily.

Ready and raring from the Camden Fringe – Natalie Bryce is bursting back onto the stage, following her 2023 sellout show at Glasgow International Comedy Festival!

Caring at heart but clumsy by nature, Natalie’s go-to descriptor from many who know her is, you’ve guessed it, galumpher. Embracing her bull in a china shop energy, Natalie is trying to be the best, most badass, bull in that shop!

Rejecting the bias of smallness and shyness, Natalie is reclaiming her right as a woman to take up space in a man’s world, as she braves the battles of womanhood, autonomy, and body positivity.

“Sweetheart charm, gently laced with a dark horse energy” Audience Review

“A very fun, sensitive, and insightful performance.” Audience Review

“Her gregarious personality engages” – Chortle – Comedy Reviewer


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