Loose Cannons w/ Balls

The Lincoln Inn

Loose Cannons with Balls ; four comedians who tell it like it is. Expect dark, inappropriate jokes from those with the background to write them and the balls to tell them. Not for the easily offended

Dalia Malek is an internationally renowned Egyptian-American Comic based in the UK, with a strong on line presence. She is dry, quirky and surreal with distinctive, knowing content.

Grant Gunn is a Scots-Zimbabwean comic from Orkney, host of Canons Gait comedy in Edinburgh with some dodgy stories to tell.

Lizzy is not right in the head, with the MRI to prove it. She brings Gothic mosh pit energy to the stage with tales of heavy metal, near death and cake.

Zubair Asghar: Leicester, Manchester, Accrington… Just some of the places that couldn’t put up this guy. Maybe he’ll have a better chance at GICF.


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