Liam Farrelly: FlipBook (preview)

Van Winkle Barrowlands

Liam Farrelly, is leaning into a creative risk and opening up in his latest preview show. Gearing up for the Edinburgh fringe, award winner and tv name, Farrelly, returns to his stomping ground of Glasgow to bring his usual hilarity and punchlines with a new thoughtful edge. In show that is unflinchingly honest and entertaining he takes a step into a new ground. As the young Scottish comedian brings forward a show about, fatherhood, growing up and perseverance. Star of the live at the Apollo, bbc one, Netflix, radio four, bbc three, bbc Scotland, some laugh podcast and co-host of the both sides of the bar podcast. Scottish comedian of the year. ‘Though still young, Farrelly’s evolving sophistication as a storyteller belies his years’-Jay Richardson. ‘frighteningly young natural storytelling talent… impressive’ – beyondthejoke.


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