Iannucci: An Improv Show

The Old Hairdresser's

A supergroup of Scotland’s very best improvisers – and a special guest star each night* – take on the famous American improv format of an “Armando” but with a Scottish twist which means that we decided to call ours an “Iannucci.”

The audience will suggest a word, which will in turn inspire a guest stand-up to improvise a short monologue on the subject. Then the improvisers will take over and perform hillarious scenes based on whatever the stand-up has come up with.

Starring Mara Joy and Paul Connolly (Spontatneous Potter); Steven Millar & Charles Dundas (This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things); and Jeff Khan & Hannah Cruickshank (Couch).

*The guest star is highly unlikely to be Armando Iannucci


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