Harun Musho’d Reads Bad Political Memoirs So You Don’t have to

Van Winkle Barrowlands

Harun Musho’d reads from and comments on bad political memoirs, including:
– Spare by Prince Harry (Harry trying to describe his mother: “She was simply indescribable”),
– The Plot by Nadine Dorries (which she lost)
– Pandemic Diaries by Matt Hancock with Isabel Oakeshott (why Matt’s and Isobel’s degrees are “low value”).

“Excellent show” Fringe Review “
“Smart…His use of irony and repetition has previously drawn comparison with Stewart Lee. And that’s on full display” The Scotsman
“If you get a chance to see this and miss it then you are a fool!”★★★★★ Radio Faversham
★★★★ Views from the Gods


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