Happy Endings

Websters Theatre

A brilliant farce about an amateur theatre company putting on a 1970’s classic, “Trouble and Strife”. Clever and Hilarious.

Reviews of previous Walking Shadows productions;

“What a fantastic show – just so clever and so funny”
“Loved the show- deserved the standing ovation for such a well written play”
“fantastic performances and very funny show”
“Brilliantly written and everyone gave honest, funny performances”
“What a great night. Such a talent and what a laugh”
“Such an entertaining and funny show!! Absolutely loved it !”
“Wonderful cast, superb writing and masterfully executed”
” I can’t help laughing out loud when thinking about some of the antics… I absolutely loved the show”
“It was fantastic – thoroughly enjoyed it. Superb”
“Fantastic performances and a very funny show”
“Very funny show and tricky to perform”
” A very funny, well acted and well written show”


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