Goldies Oldies: Brian Mooney, John Purves, Steve Goldie

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Goldie’s Oldies -An unforgettable line-up of comedic talents who share unique perspectives on life’s absurdities.
By a combination of witty observations, dry humour and rapid-fire one-liners, our trio brings their best jokes from a collective 191 years on the planet.
It’s GICF’s Oldest Show! Living proof that laughter really is the best medicine.

Steve Goldie is a former radio presenter. Now as an active tiktoker he tunes into the bizarre for unexpected hilarity that often leaves audiences wanting less!

Brian Mooney relates experiences growing up in Glasgow’s east end to life with a sparkling, entertaining mixture of original stories and songs.

John Purves and his warm charm keeps his audiences laughing with genius observations and well written smart and punishing jokes.

When it comes to comedy, the funniest moments happen in the blink of an eye!
Get tickets now! Old is Gold.


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