Gabriel Featherstone: Curse of The Black Seal

Van Winkle West End

“Wild, inventive comedy for fans of Emo Philips and Nick Lutsko.” – Chris Thorburn, Breaking The News.

“The worthy heir to a noble line of fringe-dwelling loons” – Rob Wringham, New Escapologist

Winner of one twenty-fifth of three Scottish Comedy Awards and one eleventh of a Reykjavik Fringe Award.

Seaglass Beach (a gothic cabaret singer and burlesque artiste) and Gabriel Featherstone (a stand-up comedian who wrote a viral tweet about Tinky-Winky’s sex life) present Curse of The Black Seal: an occult self-help comedy musical!

What is the Black Seal? Do mythological ocean monsters make effective therapists? And is it possible to thrive and survive in a world where there is no Shrek 5? The truth may be far stranger than you could ever fathom!

Music produced by Lawrence Tucker.


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