Donny Vostok: byte

Van Winkle West End

Have you too broken down on the fast moving, every changing information super highway?! Printer not worked since 2008? Considered just giving up, to go live in the woods? Well, your not alone my friend.

Join Donny Vostok as he attempts to understand this internet-thing that the kids are all into.

Since 2011, he’s been called: mysterious; anarchic; surreal; experimental; anti-comedy; the greatest cult act you’ve never heard of; a Dadaist; and even a “comedian”. He just think of himself as deeply deeply silly.

Donny is the co-daddy of the award winning collective CHUNKS (“fast growing into a full scale comedy movement”- The Skinny)

Here’s some nice words about him:

* “produces smart, biting material at an eye-watering rate… ****”- Fringe Monkey
* “inventive and unique” -Ed Fest Mag
* “ever versatile”- The Skinny.


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