Ronnie Black: Different Class

August House

Get ready for an inspiring journey through the hilarious cultural clash of a lifetime! Ronnie takes you on a rollercoaster ride highlighting the differences from the gritty schemes of his youth in Glasgow’s rough schools to his children’s upbringing in the posh, middle-class Southside where his kids had private tutors and friends called Rupert.
In this side-splitting solo comedy show, discover how he navigates the fine line between staying true to his roots and adapting to the ever-changing world his kids now inhabit. In his youth Ronnie tried to avoid courts now he addicted to playing tennis on courts and will make sure you experience a show that serves up laughter and life lessons in equal measure!
Prepare to laugh, learn, and perhaps even shed a tear as he reveals the quirks, surprises, and hilarity that come with the territory when you’re from a ‘Different Class.’


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