Definitely Not Goblins

Tennent's Laughter Lounge @ Tennent's Bar

DEFINITELY NOT GOBLINS invites you to join local comedian and Dungeon Master Robin Zetina; as he takes his friends on a one shot adventure set within his homebrew world of High-Fantasy D&D awesomeness!

ALSO a special guest appearance that will be announced in the coming month! Keep an eye on the Instagram!

No knowledge or experience with D&D is required to enjoy this event! Just come along and revel in the chaos of a completely unscripted live show!

This will be a FULL one-shot adventure lasting 3-4 hours with breaks! So get ready to laugh, gasp and nerd down with us!

AND REMEMBER, no Goblins were involved in the organising of this show; all participants are completely willing and not operating at the behest of Goblins.


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