Riding Room

Born from the three most violent places on earth (Northern Ireland, America and Essex) Ciara Jack wails her political rage through storytelling. Named “One to Watch” and shortlisted by ITV and ERA50:50’s ‘Tell Her Vision’ project.

Jefferson Bond brings his own brand of highly energetic physical storytelling and misplaced charm and has already taken Scandinavia by storm. His first one man show ‘My Life as a Rockstar Astronaut and Other Lies’ earned him 4-star reviews.

Madeleine Munford’s comedy is a commentary on the sea of red flags in our society’s dating scene, through the lens of balancing narcissistic abuse recovery, all while exploring her sexuality in the messiest way possible.

Ira Sylvester is a London comedian, but has developed his stand-up routine internationally. He philosophises about his experiences and about life living abroad, as well as agonising over the privilege he never had but definitely deserves.


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