Chaotic Neutral Cru: Space-Rhyme Continuum

Drygate Peaks Bar

The self-proclaimed heavyweights of Glasgow’s most underground of the underground hip-hop scene, Chaotic Neutral Crü are proud to present to you their musical odyssey extravaganza.
A night of the hardest beats and the sickest flows this side of the River Clyde. But all isn’t as it seems, as sci-fi tomfoolery ensues in this whacky, dimension-skipping, time-jumping, hip-hop adventure.

Travel across space and time through the medium of rhyme in this two-man hip-hop musical comedy performance, starring Eddy MacKenzie and Nick Patrick. Think Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure but with a Scottish hip-hop twist. Embark on a sonic journey with the Chaotic Neutral Crü as they bargain with the all powerful Cosmic Enforcer in an attempt to find their way back to their own universe before their much anticipated debut performance.


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