Caroline Rhea: I Identify As A Witch

Eastwood Park Theatre ,Oran Mor

Known for her role as Aunt Hilda, actress and comedian Caroline Rhea returns with a show full of star-studded tales.

Caroline Rhea said: “I’m thrilled to return to Scotland, my part-time childhood home, and not just because it’s the only place you can get tablet and no salad. I’ve been a standup comedian for 34 years and I’m coming to do my new show, “I Identify as a Witch” because at this point I seriously do, so does my 14 year old daughter. My new show covers everything from parenting a teenager to dating (it’s super fun at this age), outrageous stories of life in Hollywood like when I met Taylor Swift, and a lot of improv.”

As seen on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central Roast and The Conan O’Brien Show.


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