Burt Williamson

The Griffin

Friday 24th March 2023Saturday 25th March 2023and more..

Show time: Various

Burt Williamson is a stand-up comedian, improviser and comedy producer based in Bristol. He’s had two critically acclaimed runs at the Edinburgh Fringe, is the brains behind Bristol Comedy Festival and an all round funny guy.

As seen on NextUp
As heard on Union Jack Radio, BBC Bristol, GoldFM

“His beautifully crafted set is clever in unguessable ways, unexpectedly hilarious at every turn and a great joy wrapped up in a big laugh, sprinkled with adorable.” - ★★★★ The Scotsman
“the funniest, most unlikely, rudest yet sweetest” ★★★★ - Entertainment Now
"Absurd and excellent" - Rife Magazine
★★★★★ Ed Fringe Review

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