Amy Matthews: Commute with the Foxes (WIP)


This is a work in progress show. That means it’s a collection of sparky new ideas that will end up being a Fringe show and a tour show. This is the block of marble before it becomes Michaelangelo’s David, which arguably, makes it more exciting than the finished article. A block of marble has potential. It could be anything. It could end up being an Italian masterpiece with rippling abs and a tiny peen. Or it could end up being a tiny gerbil’s gravestone, commissioned by a deranged but wealthy family. Amy thinks her particular block of marble will turn into a show where she teaches herself to be angry, because it’s not a natural default setting for her and that’s not always been useful. Anger is valuable, and she’s determined to try it out. Come along, before she learns to be furious that you haven’t bought a ticket.


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