4 Wrong Blondes

The Lincoln Inn

One ‘Wrong Blonde’ could ruin the entire city.
There are four of us.
If you’ve ever felt isolated, unsure of where you fit into the world or are just too ‘unique’ for the majority, you are not alone.
We are four comedians who have been through the bullying, the intimidation and the soul-destroying contempt of society.
We’ve all managed to find our way through this and want to share an evening of laughter with everyone who feels or has felt the same way.
We are unapologetic.
We are unique.
We are you and you are us.
If you’ve ever felt like you ‘Don’t Belong’, you belong here.
We can’t wait to meet you.
We are ‘4 Wrong Blondes’.
Welcome to your new home.
Wipe your history before you come in.


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