3 out of 4 Tw@ts

Max's Basement

Fresh off another fantastic run at Edinburgh Fringe, with multiple sellout shows at both Bar Soba & The Cocktail Mafia with Laughing Horse, 3 out of 4 Twats are set to return to GICF for 2024!

3 out of 4 Twats is a mixed bill, comedy cabaret style show by Kirsty Lynch & Jimi Longmuir. Featuring themselves and special guests, 3 out of 4 Twats lends itself to the spirit of the festival it’s participating in. The one guarantee is an hour of daftness, laughter and joyful chaos for all!

The show began at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2022 , before a brief run at GICF 2023 and a return to the Fringe the for a very successful run across two separate venues. We cannot wait to return to our Hometown festival with another fabulous run of 3 out of 4 Twats!


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