Glasgow Comedy Festival


Taryam Boyd
One Thousand & One Arabian Neds

Jest Below One @ Mango
Saturday 21 March


Update: This show is unfortunately cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. All tickets holders will be contacted directly.

So You Think You're Funny Semi Finalist & Best Newcomer Nominee.

Experience a comical culture shock through the eyes of Scottish-Arab comedian Taryam Boyd.
In 1995, Taryam was smuggled across borders as a fetus – 18 years later he took a spiritual road-trip to Abu Dhabi, where he met the family he didn't know existed.

Swapping Bucky for Burqas, Kilts for Kandoras & Haggis for Haramness; what followed was a magic carpet quest to discover the best (and worst) of both worlds.

Taryam brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm to this comedic, light-hearted story-telling of an (almost) unbelievable true life tale.