Glasgow Comedy Festival


Tommy Tiernan
Under The Influence

King's Theatre
Wednesday 14 March


As if receiving instructions from a strange and distant star, Tommy Tiernan returns to the Glasgow International Comedy Festival refusing to take anything seriously. The political and the personal are all up for grabs as the only goal of the evening is laughter. Let our struggles be mocked and our cares abandoned.

Allow yourself be guided by a language loving and theatrical performer with a half thought out plan, no professional qualifications and a mouth with a mind of its own. Can you trust him? To be silly, yes. To behave, no. Like a bus conductor standing in front of an orchestra with a spoon in one hand and air horn in the other what could possibly go wrong?

Expect religion, expect filth, expect to really, really laugh. A performance not to be missed from one of the world's best. He is delighted to present it here for you and he hopes you will enjoy it.

'A wide eyed philosopher of love and life who performs as if appalled by the idea of being bland’ The Guardian